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4 Aspects to Highlight in our Outsourcing Offer

The outsourcing of technological services is the most common practice in all types of companies. The rise of digitization has made many organizations use the capacity and professionalism of specialized companies.

  • So much so that 52% of companies resort to outsourcing because it facilitates access to new resources, but what do they look at?
  • Companies are clear that this type of service is an opportunity for improvement for their business.
  • Not surprisingly, 80% of organizations expect to increase their investment in this area, which opens the doors to improve our image as technology providers.

The experts here discuss the highlights to succeed as an outsourcing company:

Permanent Technological Update

  • New technologies are evolving at breakneck speed. And, now more than ever, many companies simply do not have the resources to cope with this constant need to adapt and attract talent. This is where BPO in the Philippines and other countries who top in terms of customer service comes in. Outsourcing companies see to it that they are updated with the latest systems and programs to make sure that their clients are provided with the best service.
  • In this context, organizations choose to hire a third party that is, precisely, a specialist in accessing professionals specialized in the latest technologies, be they programming languages, CRM, UX / UI design, artificial intelligence, or cryptocurrencies.

Cost Reduction, Business Increase, and Better Financial Planning

  • 47% of companies say they bet on outsourcing to reduce costs. The outsourcing of services allows companies to save on costs associated with contracting, internal training, infrastructure, or technology.
  • Besides, it involves large investments to form teams for specific projects, which would be otherwise unaffordable and would become a loss of income.
  • On the other hand, thanks to this outsourcing it is easier to establish fixed costs when making a detailed forecast of the expenses that the task will have and avoid any type of unforeseen.

A Higher Degree of Specialization

Due to the changing market, many companies find it difficult to find specialized personnel in a specific area. From Randstad, they point out that 55% of companies are finding it challenging to find the desired profiles. Even if they offer a salary above the market.

By hiring these services to a third party specialized in a specific sector, avoiding the diversification of resources, personnel. And not covering other areas that may be less important at a strategic level. The company will focus on its main activity. Thus increasing specialization while expanding business.

Increased Productivity and Quality

If they hire a third party with experience in the required area, the company ensures a quality result. And which would otherwise be more challenging to carry out.

Besides, the duration of the development of this activity, given that it is an organization specialized in this task. And maybe less than what was initially intended as it avoids the investment of time derived from the hiring of personnel. Such as previous selection, subsequent training, and integration into the team. In this way, they carry out the same work. But for a shorter period, thus increasing productivity.

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