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Marketing is the business-oriented way of finding, assuming, and pleasing customers’ wants and needs. We do the same on our website, i.e., Marketing “Write For Us.”

Hello folks,

We are delighted that you are here!

Want to shower your marketing skills with a vast audience? Got hype idea, any tips or more unique pieces of information you think will get people chatting?

Writing is an art. If you possess that art then, welcome, you could be our future guest blogger!

Hurry! Guest Writers wanted!

DTP formed this website aiming to help people in need of information on digitalization and technology.

Hence, the domains include-

What makes you want us?

We have hard-working experts, which is a plus point for you as we can value up your domain authority score from 0 – 50. Expand your website search engine (S.E.) ranking.


Why should we choose you?

If you are interested in our Marketing + guest post + write for us section, then you will try to give your best to get accepted.
Our writers and editors inspect and evaluate a lot before starting to write on any topic.
Some dedicated time is vital for doing this. You should study from as many places as you can to learn well about the contents of the field.


Learn About Us

Before submitting any content, a study in-depth about our website and the type of materials we post as we do not want to reject a writer like you.
Believe that we want you to work with us. Join us as a writer for our Marketing + “Write For Us” section.


Posts Type-

1) Articles– Writings from a professional, technical, and precise perspective on our Marketing + Guest Post + Write for us, various topics to help our audiences.
2) News– Write to us in the Guest post + Marketing domain, all the latest news from Digital Marketing and Marketing with proper sources.

Keep on reading to find out more about the process of guest posting, and it’s guidelines.


Check Out The Rules
  • Make sure to create it informative.
  • Give us some actionable tips.
  • Content should be neat and direct.
  • The paragraph-length must be short. Three lines in each paragraph.
  • 650 plus word count would be great.
  • No duplication is allowed.
  • We value the only original creation.
  • Free of plagiarism (should come out clean of Copy Scape checking).
  • Follow up with needful resources, pictures, and videos.
  • Stay clear of any copyrighted labels.
  • No copy-pasting as well.
  • Use a focus keyword in your article.
  • Give your external and internal links, if any.
  • Your contact details and a photograph is necessary for your author unit.
  • Add up a little C.V. of yours, so your readers can learn about you.
  • Headings and sub-headings are some crucial parts to fix the content.
  • Try to be friendly and communicative with your reader.
  • Write stepwise for the articles that include procedures for some solution of marketing use.
  • Keep the News facts research handy.
  • Write-up formatted in Word is mandatory.
  • Proof-read your content prior to submitting it to us.


How will the readers be benefitted?
  • The readers will get access to the top-notch faces of experts and professionals.
  • The latest updated knowledge from people of the marketing and digital marketing field will be a plus point.


Benefits for You as a Guest Author
  • Be known and honored as a Digital Marketing and Marketing Guru.
  • You are popularizing your brand value.
  • The author is getting an opportunity to regularly share other professionals’ knowledge, stories, and experience.
  • Please make your colleague networks.
  • Attend a growth in your professionalism.
  • Polish your skills.
  • You rank up your social prominence.
  • Get more readers.
  • We will share with you a Do-follow link to important pages within the article’s main part.

DTP wishes to guide all businesses, small or big.


If you dream of writing as a guest blogger, DTP desires to post it.


Our Benefit-

We can help a thousand readers with amazing articles, and increase our popularity as well as the bright top website for Marketing trends.


Shake off the submission dilemmas-

Easy Peasy! Just send us a mail in our email-id sharing your guest post “Title.”
When you are ready to submit your article, kindly send it to

Then please wait for the approval & publication.

Note: We have full permission to edit the content, links, videos, and images published on DTP.


What Happens After The Guest Post (“Write For Us” + Marketing) Approval?
  • After we accept your guest post, it is analyzed. If any change is needed, then it will be sent back to you, attaching the changes.
  • We reserve all permissions to make a change of anything of your content, which we don’t find suitable for our website.
  • DTP might re-post your blogs on social media, along with the author’s credit.
  • At present, we are not paying for Guest Posts.
  • After your article is done posting, we want you to share it with your networks and social media.
  • Take charge of responding to comments on your blog.


You can search the blogs by further typing the following “Keywords”:-

Marketing “Write For Us”

Marketing + Guest post + Write for us

Guest Blog + Marketing

Marketing + “guest post” + write for us

Guest Article + write for us

Marketing + Guest Article

Marketing + submit guest post

Digital Marketing + write for us

Guest blog + Digital Marketing + write for us


Contact us on

Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus.

Also, mail us for any query at

We will reply you back after review. Don’t feel shy to write back to us.

We will be waiting for your post. Let’s collate!

Till then take care,
Ciao. Ciao!

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