Dangers of Blue vs Uv Light – Are Blue Light Glasses the Solution?  

Blue light glasses can be the ultimate answer to fight both the blue light and uv light demons. Yes, you read that right. How can they solve both the problems? Well, we’ll talk about it soon. But before that, you need to know about the dangers of both UV light and blue light. While we help you learn that, we’ll also throw light on a comparison that answers which among the two is more dangerous. Ready for some lessons that can help you protect your eyes? Here we go!

What is ultraviolet light and why is it harmful?

Did you know that the reindeer is possibly the only mammal that can see UV light? Why not anyone else? Because ultraviolet light is not part of the visible light spectrum and it is mostly absorbed by the atmosphere. The part of UV light that’s harmful is UVA and UVB rays. These have a lot of energy that can damage our eyes and lead to conditions like Pterygium, skin cancer, photokeratitis, and cataracts.

What is blue light and what makes it damaging?


Blue light is that part of the visible light spectrum which is of the highest energy. The intensity cannot be handled by our human eye and thus, blue light ends up damaging it. It mainly damages the retina. Don’t know what the retina is? Well, it is that layer at the back of our eye that sends light signals to the brain and helps us see. When blue light damages the central part of the retina called Macula, it is known to cause a disease called macular degeneration.

Apart from this disease, blue light is known to increase the risk of cataracts, insomnia, diabetes, and obesity as well. When it comes to the latter three, the reason is because of the hampered production of hormones in the body.

For our bodies, blue light is similar to daylight and if there is exposure to it before sleep time, the body will suppress the production of the sleep hormone called melatonin. If this happens regularly, your body may fall into a state of insomnia. Further, this causes a buildup of neurotoxins in the brain which can increase the chances of depression. Thus, it is crucial to avoid blue light at all costs.

Which is more dangerous? Blue light or UV light?

Here’s the answer, blue light is more dangerous. To understand what we mean, you need to know a few facts. To start with, the more energy a kind of light brings to your eyes, the more chances of damage for your eyes. Another thing to note is that light with a lower wavelength has higher energy and vice versa.

Now, blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and has a wavelength of 400 nm to 500 nm. Ultraviolet light, on the other hand, has a wavelength of 100 nm to 400 nm. Now you might say, UV light has more energy and should be termed as more dangerous.

However, UV light does not reach our retina to damage it. A part of UV light is UVC with the wavelength 100 nm to 280 nm is absorbed by the atmosphere along with a small part of UVB rays. The remaining UVB and UVA light is blocked by the crystalline lens. As the light does not reach the retina, it cannot increase the chances of blindness. But blue light can, as it can reach our retina very easily. More so, because these times with us being around digital devices, we are constantly exposed to blue light in one form or another.

Additionally, the damage to our eyes done by blue light is irreversible while that from UV light can be treated. Thus, making blue light the more dangerous one from the two.

The Prime Solution – Specscart’s Blue light glasses

We call Specscart’s blue light glasses, the ultimate solution against the dangers of both blue light and UV light. Here’s the thing. The advanced X-blue lenses that come as Specscart’s digital light protection block the high energy light that comes from screens of digital devices and even fluorescent lighting. The icing on the cake is, when buying prescription glasses online from Specscart, all lenses come with a free anti-UV coating already. That helps filter out most of the ultraviolet light, thus, saving you from both the demons.

So, get going and do yourself a favour. Grab a pair of designer frames from Specscart with the digital blue light protection and promise your eyes the optimum protection, today!

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